COVID-19 Considerations for Fall 2020 Semester:
Registration: Returning student organizations and those continuing with the onboarding process will have from July 15 till August 31 to re-register their organization for the year. Registration will only be open in fall, not the spring, so groups should be sure to get their registration in on time. Only groups registered by August 15 will be guaranteed participation in the Bazaar of Student Organizations.
To register please go to to find your group, you can filter by clicking the button for “Yale College Undergraduate Organizations”,  or simply type in your group’s name. Click the blue re-registration button to re-register your group. 
Taking a Leave of Absence: Student organizations that wish to go on hiatus for the year, may indicate at the beginning of the registration form that they plan to pause all activities for the year. Groups who choose this option will have their status put on hold and will not need to reapply as a new group in the fall of 2021, they will simply have the ability to re-register.
Forming a New Organization: Students wishing to form new student organizations, or revive dormant organizations, must submit an Intent to Register through Yale Connect by September 15. Groups will be notified of approvals by October 15. Any new groups who wish to participate in the Bazaar of Student Organizations must submit their Intent to Register between July 15 and August 15.
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Your organization must register with the Yale College Dean’s Office if your undergraduate group

  • conducts meetings periodically,
  • sponsors activities on the campus of Yale University,
  • provides a service, or
  • raises funds within the University for charitable purposes.

Not sure if you should register? Find out more on the privileges of registration

Are you a graduate or professional student seeking more information? Find out more about starting a non-undergraduate student group.

Registration is an annual requirement and returning organizations are required to renew their registration annually.  Once approved, an organization’s registration remains valid until  the following academic year. All registered student organizations must abide by the Undergraduate Regulations.

Registration Requirements

In order for an organization to earn or maintain its status as a registered student organization, the Organization must:
  1. Have a minimum of five undergraduate members
  2. Maintain up-to-date group information in the Yale Connect platform, including a roster of current members and all current and former officers updated at least every semester and/or when leadership transitions
  3. Have one officer attend a mandatory training once during the academic year
  4. Maintain regular contact with their assigned Student Organizations Consultant
  5. Inform the Yale College Dean’s Office of the organization’s activities at least two times each academic year, usually by completing surveys administered at the end of each semester, which includes an end of the year financial summary
  6. Comply with the Undergraduate Regulations

Re-Registering an Existing Organization

Organizations that were officially registered in the 2019-2020 Academic Year and will continue to be active in the 2020-2021 Academic Year must re-register between July 17, 2020 and August 31st, 2020.  
Organizations who miss this deadline and are de-registered for the fall semester may re-register for the remainder of the academic year between December 17, 2020, and February 1, 2021. If an organization is de-registered during the fall, they should contact their designated SOC or send an email to to have their portal reactivated prior to completing the registration form in Yale Connect. If more than two semesters have passed since an organization last registered, it will need to undergo the onboarding process again.
Organizations will re-register via  Yale ConnectTo register please go to to find your group, you can filter by clicking the button for “Yale College Undergraduate Organizations”,  or simply type in your group’s name. Click the blue re-registration button to re-register your group. 

Registration is ordinarily valid for one academic year. However, if a student organization wishes to change its activities from those outlined in their registration or alter aspects of their group, then the organization must update its information online for review and approval.

At least one officer of each organization is required to mandatory training sponsored by the Yale College Dean’s Office for specific information about the privileges and responsibilities of registered groups. 

Questions? Contact your Student Organizations Consultant and/or email

Registering a New Organization

In the 2020-2021 Academic Year, Undergraduates may register new organizations between July 17th and September 15th.

The application to register will be available via Yale Connect. Starting July 17, 2020 you may submit an intent to register application for review by the YCDO’s Student Organizations Review Committee. Once the application is approved, the organization will be informed and the YCDO will create the organization’s initial Yale Connect portal. The organization’s portal must be completed by its leadership by the end of its onboarding year. 

The organization’s portal registration form will be developed in consultation with their assigned SOC and will require, among other things, a description of the purposes of the organization, a constitution and/or set of bylaws, and the identification of officers or other leaders. At least 5 undergraduate members of the new organization will be required to confirm their membership or the organization will not be approved. Organizations must provide a completed constitution and Yale Connect portal/registration form by the end of their onboarding year.

To help new student organizations establish a foundation and ensure all questions are answered, we have launched a required onboarding process.  Once registration is approved, YCDO will be in touch to begin the onboarding process.

Organizations that are established for the purpose of selling or renting items or paying students cannot be registered student organizations, but may be able to operate as Associated Student Agencies.

Questions? Contact

Revocation or Suspension of Registration

An organization’s registration may be revoked or suspended if the group has not abided by the Undergraduate Regulations, by the organization’s registration, or has not met registration requirements.

Registration may also be revoked or suspended if a student organization or its officers fail to meet any financial obligations of the organization in a timely manner.