Funding Sources From the University

Yale recognizes that organizations under the leadership of undergraduates can and do enhance a student’s education by providing additional opportunities beyond the curriculum for personal development and growth. Furthermore, the University and the community benefit from the variety of services and activities provided by undergraduate organizations.

Below are some (but not all!) of the College funding sources available to registered student organizations. 

The Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee (UOFC)

The UOFC distributes funds to registered undergraduate organizations five times per year. Be sure to read the committee’s guidelines and forms for applying.

The Dean’s Discretionary Fund

Registered undergraduate organizations may request funding from the Dean’s Discretionary Funds (DDF). Funding is limited and not typically granted for routine, yearly activities. Applications must include a budget showing all expected income and expenses, and if funding is granted, the organization is required to complete the DDF receipt submission form.  Receipts must be submitted at the conclusion of the event.

FALL 2021

The Dean’s Discretionary Fund application is live. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Submissions will be reviewed within two weeks of receipt.


For the spring 2022 semester, the application will remain open throughout the semester but there will be only two rounds of Dean’s Discretionary Fund application review. The details are as follows:       

Round 1: Applications received by Monday, February 7 at 11:59 PM will be reviewed by Friday, February 18.

Round 2: Applications received by Wednesday, March 30 at 11:59 PM will be reviewed by Monday, April 11.

Other Sources of Funding