Travel Requirements and Expectations

It is important to take the proper steps to protect student travelers and the University when traveling domestically or internationally.

Undergraduate organizations are responsible for appointing an officer of the organization to act as the trip leader. 

The Yale and the World International Toolkit contains information on how to be an educated traveler, including information on pre-trip planning, logistics, emergency planning and travel safety. It also includes a section on Leading/Sponsoring Group Travel. All trip leaders should review the information on this website, understand their responsibilities and be prepared for emergencies or other unexpected situations. 

ALL students wishing to travel domestically or internationally as part of an undergraduate student organization trip must sign the appropriate Yale College Travel Release Form. Trip leaders must ensure these waivers are on hand prior to the commencement of travel.

Undergraduate Organizations may receive assistance from outside travel planners, tour providers, transportation providers and lodging. It is important that these service providers are properly vetted, they carry appropriate insurance and the terms and conditions of these services are clear and in writing. Any questions regarding the use of vendors should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.