Political Campaigning

Facilities are available to groups that conduct political campaign activities regardless of political affiliation. 

Discounted Rates for Candidate Appearances

The University may make its facilities available for a candidate to appear at no charge or discounted charge for the following purposes:

  • speeches
  • question-and-answer sessions
  • communications in an academic setting

Exceptions to the Discounted Rate

The discounted rate will not be provided for campaign rallies or fund-raising events, but established student groups may use University facilities for partisan political purposes by paying the normal charge. For activities on behalf of candidates for public office beyond the campus, or those which invite nonmembers of the Yale community to use University facilities or services, the University will collect proper and appropriate charge for all facilities and services provided. 

The format of the presentation must make clear that the University takes no position with regard to the candidate. 

  • Please avoid prolonged use of Yale facilities for partisan activities
  • Please do not solicit funds in the name of the University to be used in off-campus activities.

By US Tax Taw, the University may not expressly advocate the election or defeat of any candidate or political party, nor favor any candidate or political party in allowing such appearances.