Student Organization Policies

This section of our website explores key policies that govern undergraduate organization activities.

Linked you will find the updated Undergraduate Organization section from the Undergraduate Regulations that will be implemented for the 23-24 academic year. While these policies are finalized, kindly note the updates have not yet been reflected on the Yale College Undergraduate Regulations website.
Please take the time to explore this page and the links listed to the left. Policies play a crucial role in the successful operation of student organizations on a college campus for several key reasons:
  • Firstly, policies provide a framework for maintaining consistency and fairness among organizations, ensuring that all groups have equal opportunities and abide by established guidelines.

  • Secondly, policies help protect the rights and well-being of students by setting standards for behavior, safety, and inclusivity within organizations.

  • Lastly, policies provide clarity and accountability, enabling organizations to effectively manage their resources, finances, and activities while minimizing risks and conflicts.

Overall, well-defined policies foster a positive and conducive environment for student organizations, supporting their growth, impact, and long-term sustainability.