Officer & Membership Policies


  • Each registered student organization must have at least two officers, a President and a Treasurer. The Treasurer may not serve in another officer role, as they are the only person who may pick up funds on behalf of the student organization from the Yale College Business Office. Officers must be listed in their organization’s Yale Connect portal with up-to-date information.
  • Only currently registered students in good standing in Yale College can hold office or act officially on behalf of an organization in any way. This means registered undergraduate organizations may not have graduate or professional students hold an officer position. 
  • Officers should be aware that they are financially and legally responsible for the organization during their terms of service, and can be held responsible by Yale for infractions committed by their organizations.
  • A student on Leave of Absence, Yale Term/Year Abroad,  or probation may not hold leadership or officer positions in any registered student organization. 


  • All Yale College students, including students on Yale Term/Year Abroad, may be active (voting) members of undergraduate organizations. Ordinarily, Yale College students on Leave of Absence may also be members of undergraduate organizations and participate in other university-sponsored activity, but they may not participate in international travel.
  • Graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff of Yale University can be active (voting) members of an undergraduate organization, as long as Yale College students constitute a majority of the membership.
  • If special talents or skills are required to join an organization, the standards the group uses to select its members must be related to the needs of the organization. Moreover, the organization must make public announcements about auditions or competitions to ensure that interested students are informed.