Domestic Travel

Travel check-list

2 Weeks Before Departure:

  • Provide an itinerary to the Office of Student Affairs containing
    • Details of travel arrangements (flight numbers, times)
    • At least one daily contact telephone number
    • Overnight destinations (including contact information
    • A list of all planned activities
    • A list of all travelers
  • Deliver Itinerary in person to 55 Whitney Avenue or by email to
  • Schedule meeting with the Office of Student Affairs if necessary

Before Departure:

  • Review the University’s Auto Safety Rules and Regulations
  • Make sure all designated drivers take the Driver Safety Awareness Class
  • Choose driver(s) with a valid United States or Canadian driving license and a clean motor vehicle record.
  • Make sure privately owned vehicles are properly maintained, registered and carry adequate insurance. If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, the owner must give permission for its use.
  • Safety InspectionDrivers are also responsible for conducting a safety review of the vehicle before each operation.  Click here for details on the Fleet Checkpoint Card.
  • Make sure that the terms and conditions of the rental contracts are followed for any rented vehicles, particularly with regard to age restrictions and licensing of the drivers.
  • Try to use Yale’s preferred rental agencies. Insurance comes with the rental if the corporate code is used at the time of booking.

During Travel:

  • Make sure student drivers are well rested
  • On long trips, rotate drivers every two hours
  • Make sure a second student is awake and alert in the front seat
  • Avoid night driving
  • Be aware of hazardrous weather conditions and be willing to change or cancel plans accordingly.


  • The use of 12 and 15 passenger vans is prohibited. According to a Federal Government safety advisory, these vehicles are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents than smaller vans and cars.
  • Report any accidents to Yale’s Office of Risk Management, 2 Whitney Grove Square, 432-0140.
  • If a police accident report is available, a copy should be submitted. If not, a member of the group should submit a report including the date of the accident, time, place, type of vehicles involved, any injuries, names of drivers and occupants, and a report of how the accident occurred.

Further details on Use of Automobiles can be found in on the Office of Risk Management website. Students are expected to comply with the law concerning the use and possession of alcohol or drugs. There must be no consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs while traveling, by drivers or passengers.

The University will assume no responsibility for any claims of physical damage to privately owned vehicles, i.e., for loss from fire, theft, collision, etc.