On Campus

Fundraising events on campus must be coordinated by Yale College in order to avoid multiple and competing events in one period of time and ensure that certain University facilities are not monopolized by a few organizations. Permission to hold fundraising events on campus must be requested in writing from the Office of Student Affairs at least two weeks before the event.

Off Campus

Undergraduate organizations are allowed to seek funds from a variety of sources, including reasonable membership dues; donations at concerts, speeches, or other events; and advertisements in publications. Fundraising activities are permissible only to the extent that they are needed to support the activities of the organization, since each organization is operated on a nonprofit basis.

From Alumni

Soliciting financial support from alumni and other outside sources (such as foundations and corporations) MUST be authorized by Yale College Office of Student Affairs and the Yale College Office of Development. Organizations must contact the Office of Development and provide a statement describing the purpose of the solicitation and the names and affiliations of prospective donors, as well as exact copies of all proposed solicitation materials. An organization may not contact prospective donors until it has received authorization in writing from a representative of the Office of Development.