Student Org COVID-19 Policies

COVID Policy for Registered Undergraduate Yale Student Organizations

Student organizations should begin the event planning process by reading over the University’s current Events, Gatherings, & Meetings Guidelines to see if their event already falls within the parameters of what is permitted. Below is additional COVID guidance for student organizations. 

Events that do not fall within the current COVID guidelines will need to apply to the Health and Safety Leader for special permission.

All events must be registered on Yale Connect. To register an event, go to the create event tab on your group’s page and complete the information requested. 

1)    Student org meetings with in-person, non-Yale visitor

       a.     All the events, gatherings, and meetings must be met 

       b.     The Visitors Policy must be followed

2)    Travel 

       a.    Student organizations are allowed to sponsor domestic travel for their fully vaccinated members as long as it meets CDC Guidelines and Yale’s Travel Policy at the time of travel. (Yale’s Travel Policy varies by COVID Alert Level)

       b.   All CDC and Yale travel safety guidelines must be followed 

       c.    Student organizations interested in sponsoring international travel for their fully vaccinated members should contact to set up a conversation 

       d. Review safe COVID-19 travel practices here

3)    Performances & Productions

       a.   All performance activities included in the meeting must follow the Yale College COVID policy for performing arts. Including performance activity may bring additional limitations on gathering size.

       b.   For production activity including theater, dance, opera, and comedy: All aspects of any production must be coordinated with Undergraduate Production staff and follow the Undergraduate Production Regulations.