Student Org COVID-19 Policies

COVID Policy for Registered Undergraduate Yale Student Organizations

Student organizations should begin the event planning process by reading over the current COVID event guidelines to see if their event already falls within the parameters of what is permitted. The examples below are special accommodations made for registered undergraduate student organizations in good standing. Events that do not fall within the current COVID event guidelines or the guidance listed below will need to apply to the Health and Safety Leader for special permission. If you need special permission for an event you may write to and we will route your email to the right place.

All events must be registered on Yale Connect. To register an event, go to the create event tab on your group’s page and complete the information requested.

Particularly complicated or large events/activities may be asked to add in additional safety measures.

1)    Requirements for all indoor Student Org meetings larger than the pre-approved number:

a.     Only group members may be present at the meeting

b.     The meeting must be registered on Yale Connect

c.      The meeting must be held in a space reserved through the Registrar’s Office

d.     The room capacity must be large enough for everyone to fit with some extra room for students who need/want to distance

e.     The meeting needs to be 90 minutes or less

f.      Everyone must be masked

g.     No food may be served

h.     Seating should be stationary during the meeting

i.      If held during off hours, submit a Facilities work order to ensure the room is ventilated during the event.

j.      All performance activities included in the meeting must follow the Fall 2021 Yale College COVID policy for performing arts. Including performance activity may bring additional limitations on gathering size.

2)    Student Org meetings with an in-person, non-Yale visitor:

a.     All the indoor meeting criteria above must be met

b.     The COVID visitor policy must be followed, a staff of faculty member must agree to serve as the host for the visitor, and approval must be given by the Health and Safety Leader

c.      Visitors must be at least 18 years old

3)    Students on a Leave of Absence

a.     Currently, students on leave are considered visitors to campus. They may participate in virtual student organization activities but may not attend in person, on-campus events or meetings.

4)    Travel

a.     Student organizations are allowed to sponsor domestic travel for their fully vaccinated members

b.     Yale University permits domestic travel for students as long as it meets CDC Guidelines and Yale’s Travel Policy at the time of travel. (Yale’s Travel Policy varies by COVID Alert Level.) Only fully vaccinated students are eligible for university sponsored travel.

c.      All CDC and Yale travel safety guidelines must be followed

d.     Student organizations interested in sponsoring international travel for their fully vaccinated members should contact to set up a conversation

5)    Community Engagement Activity

a.     All groups who wish to participate in community engagement activity need the approval of Dwight Hall and the Health and Safety Leader. Dwight Hall has created guidance and an approval process that can be found here.