Event Policies Checklist

Distinguished Visitors or Speakers

In order to ensure that appropriate courtesies are extended to distinguished visitors and, in some cases, to arrange other engagements or security for these visitors when they are on campus, an undergraduate organization that wishes to invite a head of state (past or present), cabinet members, ambassador, or other dignitary of similar rank to visit Yale must, at least a month in advance of the visitor’s arrival, inform the Secretary of the University and the Dean of Student Affairs and apprise both of the visitor’s proposed schedule while on campus.

Similarly, the Secretary of the University and the Dean of Student Affairs must be notified when controversial speakers are invited to Yale. Such speakers include those who have engendered protests or public demonstrations in other venues. Undergraduates are responsible for paying for security that the University deems appropriate for such visitors, and, as a result, groups are encouraged to seek funding from non-University sources to pay such expenses. The University reserves the right to cancel the invitation to any speaker if it deems that there is inadequate time to prepare for the event.

Financial Records and Reports

Each undergraduate organization is fully responsible for its own finances. Officers should be aware that they are personally responsible for the payment of all debts incurred during the period for which they are responsible for the organization. A record of all income and expenses and supporting documentation is to be maintained at all times. These responsibilities include the submission of original receipts (“Receipts Submission” form) and account reconciliation. Financial records and reports may be audited by the University at any time. It is expected that receipts and supporting materials will be submitted within two weeks after the scheduled event.

Fire Marshal

If the actual number of people expected to attend an organized social function exceeds fifty, it is the obligation of the host to engage the services (and approval) of the University Fire Marshal at once. Contact the Fire Marshal at 203-432-6888.


Soliciting financial support from alumni and other outside sources (such as foundations and corporations) must be authorized by the Dean of Student Affairs and the Director of Development. To obtain such authorization, an organization must first provide the Dean of Student Affairs with a statement describing the purpose of the solicitation and the names and affiliations of prospective donors, as well as exact copies of all proposed solicitation materials. An organization may not contact prospective donors until it has received authorization in writing from the Dean of Student Affairs to do so. Permission to hold fundraising events on campus must also be requested in writing from the Dean of Student Affairs at least two weeks prior to the event.

Office of Risk Management

All vendors hired by registered organizations (including, but not limited to, performers, caterers, and equipment rental companies) must provide proof of $2 million in liability insurance prior to performing any work or providing any service. Yale University must be named as an additional insured.

Additionally, undergraduates may not enter into contracts or agreements with outside vendors/contractors without University review and approval, nor will the University’s automobile insurance policy (for travel while on official registered organization activity) cover student drivers who have not taken and passed the Driver Safety Awareness Class offered by the Office of Risk Management (ORM).

For additional information, see Registered Student Organizations on ORM’s Web site.

Security & Safety

If fifty or more persons are expected to attend an organized social function, an off-duty campus police officer must be engaged by the sponsoring organization and must be present throughout the event. University Police Department (YPD) must be notified at least two weeks prior to the event. The chief of University Police, or his or her designee, will determine whether police services are needed and the number of police appropriate for the event. A Request for Police Services form may be accessed via the YPD Web site.

Use of Yale Name: Licensing & Trademark

No student organization may reproduce the Yale University seal in its literature or on its stationary. The full name of the organization, including any subtitle, must be included on all materials prepared by or for the organization (e.g., agreements, stationary, posters), with the exception of bank checks which, for tax purposes, must not include the Yale name. For additional information, see the Yale University Licensing Program web site via the Office of the Secretary’s Web site.

Yale Programs for Children and Youth

Student groups that offer programs for children and youth under 18 years of age must register their event with the Committee for Programs for Children and Youth, which will review and approve programs and provide guidance on health and safety issues, insurance, legal compliance, and other concerns. The Committee includes representatives from the Office of the Provost, Athletics, Yale’s museums, New Haven and State Affairs, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and the Office of the General Counsel, and its purpose is to help run your programs in a way that protects your participants and you. The Policy on Health and Safety of Children and Youth sets out basic requirements for registration, training, the adoption of program guidelines, and similar matters. The Policy on Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect explains your responsibility under Connecticut law and Yale policy to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities.

An online form for registering your program, guidelines for health and safety, examples of useful forms, and other resources are listed on the Yale Programs for Children and Youths website. Please complete this form if you have primary responsibility for organizing a program that will include persons (other than Yale College students) under the age of 18.  This form must be submitted at least 60 days before your program begins. Continuing programs must re-register annually. The Committee on Programs for Children and Youth will notify you by email if permission for your program has been approved or denied or if further information is required. Please email youth.programs@yale.edu if you have questions about this form.