University Funding of Undergraduate Organizations

The Undergraduate Organizations Committee (UOC)

Funds have been provided to the UOC for disbursement to registered undergraduate organizations. Organizations should be aware that rarely is the entire budget funded and that the committee does not provide funding for off-campus travel. A copy of the committee’s guidelines and forms for applying for funding are available from the dean of Student Affairs or on line.

The Dean’s Discretionary Fund

Registered undergraduate organizations may request funding from the Dean’s Discretionary Funds (D&PDF). Funding is limited and not typically granted for routine, yearly activities. For the 2016-2017 Academic Year, there will be four funding rounds. The deadlines are: 

Round Date

Round 1

September 1, 2016

Round 2 November 1, 2016
Round 3 February 1, 2017
Round 4 March 1, 2017 

Applications must include a budget showing all expected income and expenses, and if funding is granted, the organization is required to complete the DDF receipt submission form.  Receipts must be submitted at the conclusion of the event to verify that the money was spent in a manner consistent with the application.

To request funding, click here to complete the Dean’s Discretionary Fund form. You will be notified by email with the result of your request within two weeks of the deadline for the round to which you are applying.

To submit your receipts, click here to complete the Dean’s Discretionary Fund Receipt Submission form. After you submit this form, bring your receipts in an envelope to the Yale College Business Office at 55 Whitney Avenue, 6th floor, for processing.

Other Sources of Funding