An addition to the guidelines outlined in the Yale College FAQs - the following policies are in effect for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:

I will not be enrolled this next semester, can I still participate in my student organization as a member or a leader?

Yes, in consideration of the extraordinary circumstances created by COVID-19, Students who take a leave of absence for either or both semesters of the 20-21 academic year will be allowed to virtually participate in registered undergraduate student organizations as both members and leaders. This exception to the Undergraduate Regulations will be in place for the 20-21 academic year.

I will be enrolled virtually this semester, how do I stay involved with my student organization?

To ensure equity for all students, all registered student organizations will be expected to offer a virtual participation option for the fall semester. This includes creating a fair process for the induction of the new members and officers. Groups should bear in mind any accessibility needs that their members have and make sure their virtual exchanges reflect those needs.

How do I register my student organization this year?

Returning student organizations and those continuing with the on-boarding process will have from July 15 till August 31 to re-register their organization for the year on Yale Connect at the Campus Groups platform. Registration will only be open in fall, not the spring, so groups should be sure to get their registration in on time. Only groups registered by August 15 will be guaranteed participation in the Bazaar of Student Organizations.
To register please go to to find your group, you can filter by clicking the button for “Yale College Undergraduate Organizations”,  or simply type in your group’s name. Click the blue re-registration button to re-register your group.
This year’s registration process for new and returning groups will include a question asking about your plans to adjust the activities of your group to the current public health protocols.

Can my student organization go on hiatus during the 2020-2021 school year?

Yes, student groups will be able to indicate in the beginning of the registration form that they plan to pause all activities for the year. Groups who choose this option will have their status put on hold and will not need to reapply as a new group in the fall of 2021, they will simply have the ability to re-register.

My student organization meets regularly on campus, will that be possible this year?

On campus spaces will be available for student organizations to reserve, as long as the reservations meet the current public health guidelines. Spaces will be reserved using the same systems as past years, but please note that classes will receive first priority and so on campus space will be limited. All spaces on campus are currently undergoing a review of their capacity and ventilation. The office of Environmental Health and Safety will provide an updated list of the capacity of spaces on campus, but groups should expect the capacity to be reduced significantly.

How will student organization leaders be trained?

All training for student leaders will move online. The training will either take the form of short videos that can be accessed virtually, or small, optional Zoom lessons offered by the Student Organizations Consultants over the course of the year. Group leaders will be responsible for tracking their own compliance with any required trainings.

Will there be a Bazaar of Student Organizations?

The Bazaar of Student Organizations date has not been set, but will be in during the Orientation timeframe from August 3rd - August 31st. The Bazaar will be hosted virtually on the Yale Connect platform.

Can I register a new student organization?

Yes, students wishing to form new student organizations, or revive dormant organizations, must submit an Intent to Register through Yale Connect by September 15. Groups will be notified of approvals by October 15. Any new groups who wish to participate in the Bazaar of Student Organizations must submit their Intent to Register between July 15 and August 15.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

will we be able to host conferences?

All events and meetings will need to comply with the current public health guidelines issued by the State of Connecticut, as well as Yale. For the fall semester, all large events and conferences hosted by student organizations must be postponed or moved to a virtual format. This applies to events that take place both on and off campus. You can find up to date information on the Connecticut and Yale guidelines HERE.

will there be a cappella rush?

Unfortunately, no. The Singing Group Council has officially canceled A Cappella Rush for the 2020-2021 academic year. Due to the immense restrictions on rehearsals and performances for the fall, along with the announcement that first-years will not be on campus in the spring, a cappella groups have decided to wait until next year to welcome new members.

For member groups, rehearsals and performances in the upcoming semester will be restricted to a virtual setting, and touring will not be permitted. Jam performances, even those occurring in the spring, will likely need to be reimagined to happen virtually. If in-person social gatherings among groups are permitted, they will be limited in attendance and singing will not be allowed.

If you have any further questions about singing groups, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Messenger or email at

will we be able to do work with minors?

Groups will be able to continue working with minors using virtual options or as part of a program run by an outside entity, like the New Haven Public Schools or the YMCA. However, all in person programs, run solely by Yale students must be paused. Groups must register all virtual programs with the Committee on Programs for Children and Youth.

can we travel with student organizations?

Any travel undertaken by a student organization must meet the requirements of the State of Connecticut, as well as Yale. For the fall semester, student organizations may not travel as a group. Individual travel must meet the guidelines set out by the university. Students should obtain permission from their residential college dean before leaving campus and be prepared to quarantine upon their return.

will we be able to work locally with the new haven community?

All groups who wish to engage in in-person interactions with the New Haven Community must abide by the guidance of the Office of the Secretary and Dwight Hall. This guidance will be published later in the summer.