Yale’s Name & Publication Disclaimer

Use of the Yale Name

The Yale name and marks associated with the University are protected by trademark law. Any use by undergraduates of the Yale name or these trademarks in the title or caption of a publication or an organization or the like, on any promotional materials, or on any item or product to be manufactured, distributed, or sold by an individual or an organization, must be approved by the secretary of the University or the secretary’s duly authorized agents, and under such restrictions and explanations as they may impose or require. Applications to use the Yale name must be made to the Dean of Student Affairs, 102 SSS.

Publications and Masthead Disclaimer

Each issue of every publication of an undergraduate organization must include a publication notice on the cover page or the page containing the table of contents stating that: “This magazine” - or “periodical” or “newspaper,” as the case may be - "is published by Yale College students and Yale University is not responsible for its contents."

For online publications, this notice must be prominently displayed on the organization’s home page and on each discrete publication.

Student publications may run editorials expressing the editors’ views on candidates for public office, provided that the publication’s editorial policy is free of editorial control by university administrators or faculty advisors. A statement on the editorial page must indicate that the views expressed are those of the student editors and not those of the University.

Publications may accept paid political advertising as long as it is accepted on the same basis as other non-political advertising and not attributed to the University’s own views. The publication should identify the advertisement as paid political advertising and state that the University does not endorse the candidate. The University must make advertising space available to all candidates on an equal basis.