Student Organizations Bazaar

An interactive map and app for the Student Activities Bazaar will be available in late August.

The Student Activities Bazaar is held on the second Sunday of First-Year Orientation (Sunday, September 2, 2018) from noon until 2:30 PM in the Lanman Center of Payne Whitney Gymnasium. First-years need not sign up in order to participate in the Bazaar. 

For the 2018 Bazaar, student organizations must register for a table ahead of time. If your organization does not sign up for a table, you will be assigned remaining tables the morning of the Bazaar and you will not be included in the map.

Registration for a Bazaar table will open to registered student organizations on Wednesday, August 1st and will be available through Yale Connect. Click here to access the form

If you register on time, your organization’s table will be listed on a map made available to first-years at the start of the Bazaar. Organizations will be grouped by category. On the day of the Bazaar, your organization must sign-in at the Information Table beginning at 10:00 AM prior to setting up your table.

By signing up for a table at the Bazaar, your organization understands:

  • Each organization is assigned half a table.
  • Organizations may have up to 3 people staffing their table at any given time.
  • Organizations must clean up their area at the end of the Bazaar in a timely manner.
  • Organization members must stand by their table. No members will be allowed to advocate for their organization away from their assigned table.
  • Organizations must keep their members away from the front of the Lanman Center and/or the top of stairs.


All registered undergraduate organizations and club sports are invited to have a table at the Freshman Orientation Bazaar starting August 1st. Student Groups and organizations must have been approved for registration prior to the Bazaar to be eligible for participation at this point. After August 10th, non-student groups will be given the opportunity to sign-up.

To determine whether your group is registered and eligible for participation in the Bazaar, consult the Directory of Registered Undergraduate Organizations. If you have any questions about your organization’s participation, email Stephanie Caruso at

University departments and graduate student groups may not participate in the Freshman Orientation Bazaar.

Check In

Organizations should report to the Information Table, which will be located at the Tower Parkway entrance to Payne Whitney Gym. Groups that fail to check-in may forfeit their eligibility to participate in the Bazaar.

Once checked in, organizations may begin to set up in their assigned space or return to the gym at Noon for the official opening of the Bazaar.

Two groups will share each table and a limited number of chairs will be available.


Alerts will be provided fifteen minutes prior to the conclusion of the Bazaar. Each organization will be expected to clean its assigned area and will be responsible for placing trash or recyclable items in the corresponding containers (provided on-site at various locations).

Groups that fail to clean up their assigned space adequately or that remain on-site past the event’s closing (delaying general clean-up) risk disciplinary action up to and including losing the privilege to participate in future Bazaars.


Student Organizations Consultants and Student Affairs staff will be on-site the day of the Bazaar. They will be responsible for directing the flow of traffic, answering general questions about the check-in process or the Bazaar, and monitoring the assignment of reserved spaces. Yale University police and/or security officers will also be on site to monitor the event and ensure the safety and security of Bazaar participants and guests. 

Organizations are required to follow any directions given by staff or police during the Bazaar. 

Denial of Admission and/or Participation

The Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO) reserves the right to refuse participation and/or admission to any undergraduate organization (group officers, members, and/or their guests) that presents a security or safety concern to Bazaar participants and guests.

Officers of student organizations found to be in violation of this policy or the Undergraduate Regulations risk being expelled from the premises and facing disciplinary action, up to and including the revocation of your organization’s registration privileges or denial of participation in the following year’s Bazaar.

The YCDO also reserves the right to refuse participation and/or admission to groups whose registration records indicate prior, consistent failure to register annually or a history of non-compliance with the Undergraduate Regulations.