Political Campaign Activity

The University may provide its facilities to groups that conduct political campaign activities, but only if it offers the use of those facilities on the same basis to similar groups of any political party and to non-political groups.

Subject to University policies on permission and scheduling, registered student groups may use University facilities for partisan political purposes, so long as they pay the usual and normal charge, if any, for the use. To the extent that partisan student organizations extend their activities beyond the campus and intervene or participate in campaigns on behalf of candidates for public office, or permit nonmembers of the Yale community to use University facilities or services, proper and appropriate charge must be made and collected for all facilities and services provided.

Prolonged partisan use of Yale facilities, even with reimbursement, should be avoided.

Partisan student organizations may not solicit funds in the name of the University to be used in off-campus intervention or participation.

The University may make its facilities available for a candidate to appear at no charge or at less than the usual and normal charge only if it is assured that the candidate appearance will consist of speeches, question-and-answer sessions, or similar communications in an academic setting, and will not be conducted as a campaign rally or fund-raising event, and that the format of the presentation will make clear that the University takes no position with regard to the candidate.

Tax laws require that the University may not, in conjunction with the appearance, expressly advocate the election or defeat of any candidate or political party, and that it not favor any candidate or political party over any other in allowing such appearances.