Student Organizations & Contracts

In general, student organizations should not sign contracts. The exception to the rule is student organizations that are registered as nonprofits with the IRS. Those groups registered as nonprofits are free to sign their own contracts.

Contracts between student organizations and outside vendors or contractors must instead be reviewed and signed by Yale’s Procurement Office. Please note that this process takes at least 3 business days and may take up to several months, depending on the contract. 

If you are thinking of hiring a vendor or contracting with a venue for your event, please be sure to submit your contract for review and signing as soon as possible. Contracts should be sent to

Template Contracts & Agreements

The following template contracts and agreements are available for use by student organizations for their events and programs.

Insurance Required of Vendors

All vendors hired by registered organizations (such as performers, caterers, and equipment rental companies) must provide proof of $2 million in liability insurance prior to performing any work or providing any service. Yale University must be named as an additional insured.

The Office of Enterprise Risk Management can recommend a method of obtaining the proper insurance if an outside vendor does not carry it. Please reach out to your Student Organizations Consultant or for more information.