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Residential Colleges

Spaces in the residential colleges are controlled by the Head of College of each respective college in accordance with policies set forth by the Council of the Heads of College. Student organizations must receive written permission from the Residential College Head of College, or his/her designee, in order to use any space within his/her respective residential college. A list of spaces in the residential colleges may be found here.


Classroom buildings are under the control of the Office of the Registrar (Faculty of Arts & Sciences). Since there is a heavy demand on University facilities, requests should be submitted as soon as possible and, in any case, at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Use 25Live to reserve a classroom. For step by step instructions, review the 25Live User Guide

While 25Live does not include pictures of rooms, you may be able to find some pictures using the Classrooms site or the Conferences and Events Venue List. 

By booking a room through 25Live, you are agreeing to the Building Use Guide


Performance Spaces

The Schwarzman Center and The Presidents’ Room

The Presidents’ Room and the Schwarzman Center reservations are to be made through Yale Catering. Use of the Schwarzman Center and the Presidents’ Room is only allowed for events with catered food service. To guarantee your reservation of these spaces, a non-refundable deposit is required, which will be applied toward your final bill. The rate to secure your reservation for the Schwarzman Center is $800.00. The rate to secure your reservation in the President’s Room is $180.00. 

Room Use Fees

  • A fee of $1,600.00 is charged for the use of the Schwartzman Center
  • A fee of $360.00 is charged for the use of the Presidents’ Room

Contact Maureen O’Donnell at 203-432-0752 for reservations.

Sterling Memorial Library

Payne Whitney Gymnasium & Other Athletic Facilities

To request use of a facility please call 203-432-1420. A full list of facilities can be found here.

Outdoor University Spaces

Permission for use of outdoor spaces must be obtained at least twenty-four hours in advance of a weekday event and forty-eight hours in advance of a weekend event.


  • Library Walk (between Jonathan Edwards and Branford)
  • Crescent between Morse and Ezra Stiles Colleges
  • Swing Space Court Yard
  • Grassy Area on Tower Parkway (outside of Swing Space)
  • SSS Courtyard
  • Becton Courtyard
  • Old Campus

Click on the links below if interested in reserving the following outdoor spaces: